Citroën CX 2400 GTI, 1982 £

Exceptional low mileage CX GTI (only 40200 kms from new – 25200 miles), one fastidious owner, full service history, manual 5 speed. Unmarked condition as expected for such low mileage car which was never used in the rain. Gris Espadon with beige velour interior. This car is still fitted with the protective factory stickers on chrome entry plates as well as dashboard and centre console switches – the immaculate interior was fitted with Citroen accessory covers and these were only removed in 2020 ! Sold with original handbooks, original Citroen purchase invoice, service booklet, spare keys and UK registered. …One of the best CX GTI in the country. UK registered, LHD, UK Road tax and Ulez exempted.

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    2400 electronic injection
    5 speed manual
    Length: 4666cms ; Width: 1730cms ; Height: 1360cms
    Hydraulic system
    LHM system (Green)
    Hydropneumatic , independent on all four wheels each fitted with a hydraulic suspension unit with built-in shock absorbers ensuring constant clearance whatever the load, thanks to a high speed pump with reserve energy. In addition, the ground clearance is variable to suit adverse road conditions.
    Displayed mileage
    40500 kms
    Gris Espadon - AC076